Today, April 2, 2020 is the start of something new. As COVID-19 spreads and more and more people are isolating and quarantining, I fear there will be a significant rise in domestic violence and child abuse. And because April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I thought it would be a good time to launch my new site, In Rogue, in my effort to #EndTheSilence. This site will be the sister to my other site, Tsuhai Nzinga-In Rogue. At In Rogue, I will be a voice to speak out on behalf of Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.
The publishing of my book Tsuhai Nzinga, fka Tia: The Memoir of a Black Girl in 2018 was the beginning of this new journey. Since then, I have come to learn many things about us survivors and it is as important to bring awareness to the survivors as it is to prevent the abuse in the first place. As a survivor, I am one of 60 million. I am one voice that hopes to not only bring awareness to the magnitude of this national epidemic, but also to find, learn and share all the ways of healing and call out those that would be silent on this subject because “it’s too hard.” Or because “it’s in the past.”

This site is dedicated to ending the silence about childhood sexual abuse.

I come to prepare a place.

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